Self Practice.


With the SAT being broken into three main sections (Reading, Grammar, and Math), we have compiled this list of the best methods to prepare for each of these topics:

  • Math – Khan Academy 
  • Reading – The SAT Black Book
  • Grammar – UWorld


The ACT Publishes a different edition of its ACT Prep guide every year. As such, we reccomend using the latest edition as it will contain the most up to date content. 

The practice style for the ACT is different from the SAT due to the extreme time strain. Therefore, the best way to prepare for sections, such as the reading section, is to take them slowly at first and focus on accuracy. Over time, aim to decrease the number of incorrect answers while maintaing a high accuracy.

Practice Makes Perfect

The most important thing to remember is that these exams do not test intellect! Almost all high scorers are only able to attain those scores through months of prolonged practice.

Make sure you create a fitting schedule where you are studying frequently to maintain understanding of content and add practice tests throughout to measure your progress. Remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!


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