Our Tutoring timeline.

The Scholar Path:

1. Diagnose Weaknesses

To provide our students with the most beneficial tutoring, we begin by providing each student with a complementary diagnostic test. This test allows us to identify critical points of weakness for the student.

From there, we are able to develop a framework for tackling all of the challenges the student faces while strengthining their current knowledge to get the highest score possible.

2. Develop A plan

Before the first meeting, a tutoring consultant will reach out to the student to discuss their diagnostic test results and create a schedule that can resolve all of the weaknesses.

All of Scholar Ladder’s practice plans are developed and backed by the latest Neuroscience research into education. These plans involve providing the student with complementary homework that will not stress the student while providing them with quality practice and reinforcement.

3. Improve Significantly

After the first meeting, we will begin the process in full motion. 

Generally, we reccomend each student meets with their tutor for 2 hours a session to deeply analyze the problems without tiring the student out. We find this is the optimal length for efficient and quick progress.

Our tutors will also provide the student with complementary authentic SAT & ACT practice tests to complete on their own for review and to track current progress.

Frequently asked questions

At Scholar Ladder, We Charge a base tutoring rate of $60/HR. 

There are no contracts, homework, or practice test fees, and we operate on a pay as you go structure to ensure that you only continue with us if you are satisfied.

For our premium tutors, we charge $100/HR. These tutors are the most highly qualified tutors we have avalaible and achieved near perfect scores, have tutored for many years, attend the top Universities in the world, and provide the best progress for students.

If you have any questions, please do not hesiate to reach out to Call us or email support@scholarladder.com!

At Scholar Ladder, we believe that it is our duty to ensure that every one of our students has recieved a benefit from our tutoring. To that end, we gaurantee that each student will improve their score by 100 POINTS on the SAT or 4 POINTS on the ACT within the first 10 meetings.

If for any circumstance, you do not reach that improvement, we will gladly continue to provide FREE tutoring for you until you reach that improvement gaurantee.

At Scholar Ladder, we are aware that every student learns differently, and we embrace those differences. Therefore, each student may need a different amount of time to master a certain topic.

Generally speaking, we have found that our students increase about 170 POINTS on the SAT and 7 POINTS on the ACT on average within the first 10 meetings.

For students who are struggling more with the test, or are looking to achieve the highest score possible, we reccomend calling us or filling out the consultation form for a detailed answer that would be tailored to your needs!

Of course! We provide our students with the opportunity to recieve tutoring for College Essays and other aspects of the College Application process.

If you have any questions regarding this, please call or fill out the consultation form and a member from our team will contact you immediately.

With all of our tutoring taking place online, our students are free to request meeting with their tutor in whatever method they like.

Generally, we hold most meetings through Zoom Sessions as we are able to work with the student on white boards and record sessions for the student to access later.

All of our tutors have underwent an intensive tutoring certification process and rigirous training to ensure they are able to provide student with the world-class education we promise.

Scholar Ladder only selects tutors who have mastered the college entrance exams. Each of the tutors has a minimum score of a 1570 on the SAT and a 35 on the ACT.

If you are ever unsatisfied with a tutor, please reach out to our customer service team right away and we will pair you with another tutor immediately as well as provide you with free hours of tutoring to compensate for your time!

The Scholar Promise is our way of ensuring that our students and parents have peace of mind while recieving our tutoring.

We GAURANTEE YOUR MONEY BACK  if you are dissatisfied with our service and wish to discontinue after the first meeting. Through our pay as you go plan, we will NEVER charge you any fees for discontiuing tutoring with us.

Of course! At Scholar Ladder, we allow our students to request the tutor they want to learn from. This allows us to ensure that we are providing you with the peace of mind of having the tutor you requested help you throughout every step of the process.

While we attempt to always honor the requests, we may not be able to provide you with the tutor you request due to limtied avalability in rare circumstances.

Our Tutors are usually College students that are attending prestigious Universities, such as Ivy League schools, or recent college graduates who have mastered college entrance exams.

This allows our tutors to be able to teach students much more effectively and guide them through the college application process since they have recently underwent it. This also allows them to provide students with the best advice for taking the test as tests change from year to year.

Through recent studies, we have also found that young tutors are able to more effectively help students of their generation to improve since they are aware of the approaches they must take to keep students engaged in studying.

We strive to be a company that is transparent to all of our students! 

Because of that, we will never charge any of our students for any homework problems we provide or any practice tests! If you would ever want to request extra problems for homework, or additional practice tests to work through on your own, one of our tutors will gladly provide you with them!

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